Pentingkah Mineral dalam Air Untuk Badan? 

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Saya terbaca satu artikel di Internet yang membincangkan tentang mineral dalam air dan keperluan untuk badan. 

Saya berminat untuk kongsi untuk bacaan bersama. 

My own view, after reading much of the expert opinion, is that the mineral content of water—either high or low—isn’t nearly as important as they would have you believe. That is, minerals in water are inorganic and hard for your body to use. You get most of your minerals from food, which provides organic, easily assimilated minerals.

Mineral yang terkandung dalam air adalah inorganic dan perlu diproses dahulu oleh badan. Manusia mudah mendapat mineral dan vitamin daripada sayuran dan buah. 

The human body is a sophisticated instrument capable of adapting to a wide range of circumstances and capable of thriving in areas having water of high or low mineral content. As long as water is palatable, it’s within the body’s acceptable range.

The main issue with water is chemicals, not minerals. Whether water contains 30 or 3 parts per million calcium isn’t really significant, but the difference between 0.5 and 5 parts per million chloroform is of life or death importance.

Persoalannya sanggupkah kita minum air yang tercemar untuk 3/3 juta kalsium daripada air?


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